Hasnaeen Rizvi Rahman

Welcome to the personal website of Hasnaeen Rizvi Rahman - a billion years old soul, nearly forty years old creature, twenty years old engineer, a decade old entrepreneur + business strategist, perpetual problem solver and aspiring polymath.


Born into a working class family in the peaceful 80s when Dhaka had fresh air and much lesser population.

Throughout the 80s

Early childhood passion included drawing, sketching, playing chess and yes - reading. Grew up to be an avid reader with a personal library of 3000+ books, as of now.


Became national runner-up in the Bata School Chess Championship, and retained the runner-up title in the National School Chess Championship in the following year.


Came in contact with my first computer, as a surprise gift from my father. Jumped into self-learing computer programming and mastered several programming languages in a few weeks, just by reading books. Languages included QBasic, FoxPro, Visual Basic, Pascal and C/C++.

1999 - 2001

Continued my quest of diving deep into the world of technologies and built numerous software tools just out of sheer curiosity. Built turn-based games, music players, video recorders, management tools, database applications, AI bots, physics simulations and so on. The hobby turned into an obsession. Had finished writing 100+ small desktop applications before getting into university.


While still in high-school, sold my first commercial software application to a local merchandising company (AKA buying house) at a cost of BDT 1 lac.

2001 - 2004

Enrolled into North South University for pursuing a bachelors degree in computer science. Beside excelling in the academics, spent a huge amount of time during this period mastering real-time graphics programming using OpenGL and DirectX, and built my very own game engine that had 2D/3D graphics renderer, AI, physics, music, networking and low-level input-handling components. Tried to form a company along with some fellow mates, but that failed badly.


Many things happened.

  • Published two international research papers on Fuzzy Logic and Vision Systems of a Mobile Robot, latter on IEEE.
  • Built a functional autonomous land-rover vehicle (a mobile robot) as the final year thesis project.
  • Passed graduation a summa-cum-laude.
  • Got my first job in a Dutch-based offshore software company. My first resume of 2005 is here.


After spending 2 years in the industry and building products for Giarte, Thompson Reuters and Orbitax, decided to pursue a masters degree in Sweden’s Chalmers University with full scholarship.


Dropped out of school, came back to Bangladesh, partnered with a Swedish enterprise client, founded my first company, and set up office.

Astha IT was born. A first-generation entrepreneur. At only 25 years of age.


Fell in love and got married.

2009 - 2015

Business expanded to US and Australia. Won awards in 2013 from BASIS for being the best outsourcing company in the country. This happened again in 2014.


Joined board as a partner in an American cloud computing company called SaaS Ventures, that produced for big names like Bizgenics Foundation, MIT and United States government. This video tells everything.


Astha IT reached a major milestone and celebrated its 10th year of operation in a grand style.


Started founding a series of startups for the 21st century Bangladesh. More details will be added in near future.


Became a father of a beautiful daughter - the best achievement so far.


  • Complete the quest of “একশৃঙ্গ অভিযান” no matter how long it takes. It's a code. Can anyone decipher it?
  • Author my first novel and publish it by 2021. And continue writing.
  • Help people and country with everything I have.

To get in touch, write to hasnaeen@asthait.com